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Nature Tourism

If you want to do Glamping in Portugal, a Quinta do Ragal is a space that favors a community with nature, located next to Serra da Gardunha, 12 km from Fundão and 30 km from Covilhã.

We currently have three accommodation formats: like Yurt, (Tents with Glamor) from Mongolia, wooden hut and rooms in the main house. So we believe that we can offer various experiences for those who visit us. Like fantastic trends, Yurt offers an experience of sleeping in a tent with the comfort of a room, transporting us to other places. The possibility of falling asleep and seeing how stars are charming, as well as listening to the voice of nature outside.

Quinta do Ragal is based on experiential tourism that tries in this way the exciting moments for those who pass by, and has the means to promote alternative alternative promotions, in a comfortable, relaxing and fun way. From participating in the harvesting of olives, beans, sowing and planting in the organic garden, as well as harvesting the products that Mother Nature contemplates and then being able to taste them are many of the activities that you can do at the Quinta.

In partnership with a local farm, it is possible to be a shepherd for a day and save a refund of about 150 goats, as well as help in making cheese.

If the weather is nice, you can always enjoy the natural pool or the Lavacolhos beach, which is less than 2 km from Quinta do Ragal, or simply go down to Ribeira da Gardunha by water or land and delight in the stunning landscapes.


Registo AL - 86.058

Yurt provides differentiated accommodation, manages to feed our imagination, can take you on an adventure of 1001 nights, as it allows you to enjoy an unforgettable romantic night in the light of the salamander.

As a family, the youngest cannot remain indifferent with so much magic that the offers offer, they live with the status of fairies or Indians who record forever kept in their memories.

The changing rooms were built with modest refinement, recycled and we created furniture trying to preserve the history of the place.

The communal kitchen offers a panoramic view of the mountains and a pleasant relief for guests.

Be welcome.

Cabana de madeira

HuT was created with a volume that transports us to the old huts of transhumance, it is an excellent shelter with pastoral tendencies, on the deck, we can enjoy magnificent scenery, Serra da Estrela and all the natural surroundings of the area. It has the possibility to accommodate four people (double bed and two singles in the mezzanine).

If you want to create good memories, what are you waiting for?

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